Risk is your
exposure to danger.
Risky is the feeling
you might get.

With many years of experience in options trading, our experts boil it down to a calculated risk.

Then it’s up to you to take it.

To make that call, you need trust.

Clients trust us with their investments because we never get lucky. We understand what’s coming your way and prove that with consistent high returns.

You’re welcome to take advantage of that.


SMART THETA FUND is here to help you make solid investments. We took the time to crystallize our strategies. Our broad range of options and options strategies is tried and tested. You’ll reap the benefits right away.



Goal yearly
average net return

Investors & Traders welcome from



Investment flexibility to adapt to rapid market changes and circumstances.

Correlation management to position option strategies in both rising or falling markets.

Advanced risk management to optimize the balance between options strategies.

Invest through strong minds for superior returns.


Quickly adapt to market changes.

We can minimize or maximize our exposure whenever necessary. This flexibility means we can take advantage of trading opportunities in a big way or reduce risk whenever markets are off track. 

The biggest benefit to your investments is our Adjustment of Correlation. Our options strategies correlate both positively or negatively with assets like equities. This makes our fund a smart hedge for investors looking to protect an existing portfolio in bear markets and thrive in bull markets.


Win in both Bear and Bull markets.


The right response.

Our managers use several option strategies to optimize returns while being hedged. This way we create an excellent reward/risk balance and more statistical opportunities.

But that’s not all. We’re quicker when trends and market conditions change and have the right response in any situation.

STF Wealth Management