Corporate Governance

Smart Theta Management B.V. (from now on Smart Theta) is registered under the AIFMD registration regime of Section 2:66a of the Wft, as a ‘light’ manager with the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (“AFM”), under registration number 50030733. This means that an exemption from the AIFMD license is granted for the management of assets as referred to in Section 2:65 of the Wft and Smart Theta is not subject to supervision by the AFM.

Smart Theta employs 5 people. Smart Theta’s policy is determined by René van der Vondervoort, Tim Hardeveld, Björn van der Meulen, Roger Broekhuizen and Alain de Haas, all of whom have been appointed as policymakers and board members. Members Broekhuizen and De Haas both additionaly have been tested by the AFM for reliability and suitability. The board members devote time to the performance of their position as board member of Smart Theta in order to adequately and effectively perform the related duties and responsibilities.

Directors have a full understanding of Smart Theta’s business, including the principal risks to which Smart Theta is exposed, and have sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to adequately perform their duties.

The board members have overall responsibility for Smart Theta and are more specifically responsible for formulating the company’s strategic objectives, risk strategy and internal governance. In addition, the board members ensure the integrity of the accounting and financial reporting systems and compliance with laws and regulations.